I’m working with some wonderful talent in my show, “WWII and NYC: Connecting Time and Place,” including the show’s music director, David S. Goldman. Click here for tickets and information.

David is an award-winning and world-traveled multi-lingual singer/songwriter who performs in a wide variety of genres and languages including Blues, Latin, Acoustic Rock, Pop/Jazz, and World. His versatile and moving, melismatic voice gains him fans wherever he goes. David currently has an international musical under development with the Cell Theater in NYC encompassing his college journey to India and multi-ethnic background. It will first be a podcast and audio release and then a live performance

In December of 2021, David and his co-writer American Dreamer Daniella Vieira released their song “Alien (Revisited)” on 11Million Records, distributed by DistroKid on all media platforms. Daniella received a Grammy Certificate in 2019 for American Dreamers: Voices of Hope, Music of Freedom by John Daversa Big Band. “Alien (Revisited)” powerfully expresses Ms. Santos’ feelings about her experience as an immigrant.

David has also frequently worked with me as co-producer, music director and performer at various NYC venues from 2015 to the present-day. His latest release, “Going To America” is a song of hope for the country’s founding ideals and diversity.

“David Goldman has a gift for channeling his love of the whole wide world of music into well-crafted songs, and he has the voice to do those songs justice.”—John Platt, WFUV 90.7FM

Click here to visit David’s website

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