Join Artists Without Walls for its November 26th Showcase at The Cell.

A little about the presenters. (Clockwise from top left):

Shu Nakamura is a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and music teacher who has performed with many Artists Without Walls’ members including Niamh Hyland, Anand Gan, Annette Homann, Charles R. Hale and others.

Gary Ryan:  “Stories keep haunting me until I write them down. Sometimes even after I write them down they still haunt me.”

Niamh Hyland, Artists Without Walls’ cofounder, is a singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, and executive raised in Co. Leitrim, Ireland. She toured globally as the lead singer of the original rock band Lily Sparks. Notable band and solo performances include The Ourland Festival at LincolnCenter, Whelan’s in Dublin, Webster Hall and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Cellist Martin Fett Martin is an active freelancer in the New York City area and has performed in orchestras and chamber ensembles across the USA and Europe. As a soloist, he has performed with the Manhattan Philharmonia and the Brooklyn Pro Arte Chamber Ensemble. He has played on the Today show at NBC studios and been heard on WQXR. Mr. Fett has held principal positions in many orchestras including the New York City Opera National Company.

Jim Hawkins tells stories and sings songs in the Irish tradition as well as his own personal stories from his childhood in Ireland and his growing up in NYC.Presently, he is working on a 3 part project entitled, “The Irish People in Story, Poetry and Song.” 

Mountain Maidens is a Long Island-based folk harmony trio comprised of Candice Baranello, Lorraine Berger and Marie Mularczyk O’Connell. Since first meeting at the Dickens Festival in Port Jefferson, the threesome has been performing a unique and harmonious mix of ballads, folk songs, country and gospel numbers, love songs and songs of social justice throughout the local area — including a slot at the Folk Music Society of Huntington’s Annual Members Showcase concert in January.

Mark Donnelly is a writer of plays, poetry, short fiction, and nonfiction, with multiple publishing credits. He has an MFA in Creative Writing and teaches English at St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights and at Borough of Manhattan Community College. Tonight he’s presenting his newest monologue, “Inner Dialogue.”

Richard Stillman (not pictured) is an actor & musician who plays the banjo, mandolin, ukulele, guitar, bagpipes & 12 other instruments.  He has performed on Broadway, The Kennedy Ctr. and in regional theaters from New Jersey to Alaska. His show, “The Spirit of Vaudeville,” won the BEST CONCERT AWARD at the United Solo Theater Festival in NYC.

You can listen to and meet these very talented performers Tuesday, at Artists Without Walls’ Showcase at The Cell. The Cell is located at 338 West 23rdSt. The doors and bar open at 6:45 and the presentations begin at 7:30.













Exactly five years ago, in March of 2014 Niamh Hyland, Artists Without Walls and I presented the University College Dublin Choral Scholars at historic St Peter’s Episcopal Church in the Chelsea section of New York City. Led by Director Desmond Earley, the Choral Scholars performed a program entitled Songs of Farewell: Sailing Away.  Beginning with Rachmaninoff’s “All Night Vigil,” followed by traditional  and contemporary music, the Choral Scholars captivated the audience with their brilliant sound.
This Friday night you can hear and see the Choral Scholars when they make their Carnegie Hall debut. Here’s a link to tix and the event: UCD Choral Scholars at Carnegie Hall
“What a heavenly evening last night, a place to listen to the music of  worlds we don’t  always  remember we inhabit. And what a program; unearthly voices singing songs of the ordinary life we know, love and quarrel with, and thrill too as well. Thank you to Artists Without Walls for putting all of us together – audience singers, music. What an inspiration. We are truly very grateful.” Kathleen Hill, author of “Who Occupies This House.”



Join Artists Without Walls for its February Showcase, February 26th at The Cell Theatre, 338 West 23rd St.  The evening’s presentations will feature Jamie Lee Kearns, Eliana Gonzalez, Mike DeLucia, Erin Magurie, Dan Brown and Shihori. Niamh Hyland and Charles R. Hale hosts and emcees.

The Cell is located at 338 West 23rd Street in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. The doors and bar open at 6:45 and the presentations begin at 7:30. Hope to see you there. 



Earlier this year I produced Nicole Zuraitis show, “Generations of Her: Women Songwriters and Lyricists of the Past 100 Years.”  Now we’ve learned that Nicole and her husband, Dan Pugach, have been nominated for a Grammy in the category “Best Arrangement for Instruments and Vocals” for their version of “Jolene.” 

For any Recording Academy Members, please click on the link here…listen… and consider voting for this duo. If you know someone who is a recording academy member please consider sharing this link with them. Nicole and Dan work incredibly hard at their craft, so let’s support them in spreading the word about their nomination.

Congratulations Dan and Nicole and thanks to future Grammy nominee, Niamh Hyland, for sharing this great honor on Facebook. 




Looking forward to Artists Without Walls’ Holiday Showcase this Wednesday, December 19 at The Cell Theatre.  

Performers include:
Clare Maloney
Hyland & Brunnock
All My Friends are Stars
Jack O’Connell
David Goldman
Charles Hale
& a few Surprise Guests!!

Doors at 6:45pm, performances begin at 7:30pm. It’s a free event and we’ll have a few surprise guests popping by!

Montage by: Mitch Traphagen​


Charles R. Hale and “M_Unit”

Artist Shows produced and sponsored by Charles R. Hale:


Click link for info:

Luba Mason and Triangle at the Cell

Yuri Juarez and his Afroperuano Band

Miho Hazama and the m_unit

Artistry and Artist: Seunghee Lee at The Cell Theatre…Review by V. Nauheimer

Nicole Zuraitis: Generations of Her…Women Songwriters and Lyricists

Annette Homann and Friends: A Memorable Evening

Niamh Hyland and Band Raise the Roof at The Cell

Piano Virtuoso Harriet Stubbs at The Cell: Review by V. Nauheimer

Mesmerizing JP Jofre and Miho Hazama at The Cell









We received a wonderful note from Tom Myles concerning Charles R. Hale Productions’ “New Yorkers: Together in Story and Song.”

“Congratulations, Charles, on the success of Charles R. Hale Productions.  It is no surprise. You are passionate about the performing arts and tirelessly work at producing and promoting great shows.

I also note that in addition to your hard work, you (and Niamh Hyland at Artists Without Walls) treat everyone who comes to your performances with respect, whether it is a longtime friend or someone who just walked in the door, whether it’s a person with deep pockets or a college student, whether it’s a seasoned professional or a nervous first-timer. You show an interest in all and warmly welcome them.

I have seen dozens of your shows. Talented people from across the globe joyfully work with you. There is no hierarchy and there is no favoritism. I would not keep returning if it were any other way. It’s a pleasure to be a small part of what you have accomplished. Continued success, my friend.”

Thank you, Tom, for your thoughtfulness, your generous support and your role as a co-producer of “New Yorkers: Together in Story and Song.” 



Charles R. Hale Productions’ first year has been a very rewarding one. In addition to performing my show “Jazz in the City: The New York Connection” fifteen times in a number of locations including The Cell, Lehman College, the American Irish Historical Society,  Triad and The Duplex, the series “New Yorkers: Together in Story and Song,” headlined by Niamh Hyland, Miho Hazama and JP Jofre, Harriet Stubbs, Yuri Juarez, Annette Homann, Miho Hazama and M Unit, and Luba Mason was also a great success. Each of seven shows filled The Cell theatre and consistently offered superior performances to appreciative audiences.

Thank you’s abound: Thank you to the producers: Michael Fletcher, Joseph McElligott, John Moran, Tom Myles and Lisa Sullivan. Thank you to the subscribers who purchased tickets to all the shows. Thank you to Mitch Traphagen for graphics, photos and website assistance. Thank you to Alexander Wu for his special performance with Annette Homann and research assistance. Thank you to bassist Danny Weller who appeared  in both Niamh Hyland and Annette Homann’s show. (Danny is also the bass player in “Jazz in the City: The New York Connection.) Thank you to Vera Maura for her photos and never-ending support. Thank you to The Cell, particularly Sulei, Macenzie and Brian for all you do. And thank you to all the performers and their music-making friends. 

We’re looking forward to great 2018.


“New York’s boroughs…where it was fancy on Delancey, stickball reigned supreme and nylon stockings were a hit. Where kids danced to doo-wop, spent Saturday afternoons at Loews…where there used to be a ballpark.
“Right this way ladies and gentlemen…hurry, hurry, hurry into the pubs and clubs of yesteryear. Hold onto your hat…crossing bridges, boroughs and waterways will be the ride of a lifetime. Step right up.”

“Crossing Boroughs,” an Artists Without Walls’ production, and part of Origin Theatre Company’s First Irish Festival, will be performed on January 28, 3pm at The Museum of the City of New York.

“Crossing Boroughs” was written by Charles R. Hale and stars Niamh Hyland along with Jack O’Connell, Laura Neese, Jonathan Matthews, David J Raleigh, Shirazette Tinnin, Maya Kornfeld, Mary Ann McSweeney and Shu Nakamura.

Charles R. Hale/Narrator.
Niamh Hyland/Music Director.
Mitch Traphagen/Graphics and Images

For tix and info CLICK HERE



With the next show in the Charles R. Hale Productions series, “New Yorkers: Together in Story and Song,” slated for November, Charles certainly wanted to create a show that would not only be heard — but felt — among the full-house audience at the cell theatre on Aug. 23. It had to be something lasting.  From Jobim and Gershwin to Rolling in the Deep and Milonga de Angel, from John Legend and Alanis Morrisette to Ashokan Farewell and Chega de Saudade….the show succeeded in too many ways to count.

The event was planned around a return visit of violinist extraordinaire Annette Homann, an early Artists Without Walls’ member. After twelve years in New York City, Annette has returned to her native Germany where she is finding tremendous success as a performing artist in Berlin.  Invited to perform with Annette were bassist Danny Weller, guitarist Shu Nakamura and Charles’s Artists Without Walls co-founder, singer Niamh Hyland. All are of extraordinary talent in their own rights. Together? Charles created something truly remarkable.

“When I was thinking of a theme for tonight’s event I thought, ‘We have great musicians, who can play anything so let’s just make great music.’ And that’s what we aimed for tonight. Many genres and accomplished musicians who can perform it all,” Charles said.


“It’s very nice to see you back in America, Annette.”

America/Bernstein–Alexander A. Wu and Annette Homann


Danny Weller and Shu Nakamura (with Annette Homann)


Billy Jean — Annette Homann and Shu Nakamura


Autumn Leaves/Mercer — Niamh Hyland and Annette Homann


Chega de Saudade— Annette Homann, Shu Nakamura and Danny Weller


Ashokan Farewell — Annette Homann and Shu Nakamura


Fascinating Rhythm — Alexander Wu


Milonga de Angel/Piazzolla– Annette Homann and Alexander Wu


Rolling in the Deep — Annette Homann, Niamh Hyland, Danny Weller, Shu Nakamura


And in the end…. the show, entitled “Annette Homann and Friends: Versatile Virtuosos,” left the audience full of emotion, of joy, of incredulousness. It was a showcase of talent, love and goodwill as few shows can be. Audiences to Charles R. Hale Productions and AWoW shows are generous but also discriminating. This show, this unique collection of grace and love for both music and the spoken word, did not discriminate. The audience did not hold back. They gave the artists not one but two standing ovations. It was the way for them to give back, if even a little, for what they had just experienced; for the beautiful, remarkable respite from a sometimes confused world.

This show will stay with those fortunate enough to have attended. Such feelings rarely leave us.

One of two standing ovations.

Alexander Wu, Niamh Hyland, Annette Homann, Charles R. Hale, Danny Weller and Shu Nakamura

Charles R. Hale

Niamh Hyland and Alexander Wu

Annette Homann and Charles R. Hale


Photos by Vera Maura